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Our Current Projects

Top Gun Project Services is very well regarded in the project/infrastructure/civil space with some important projects and clients in our current stable of on-going projects. Some of Top Guns current major contracts include:  

Fauna Fence Maintenance 
  Client:  TMR Ipswich
  Est. Start:  Apr 2015
  Est. Completion:  Open

Gateway Motorway Svcs 
  Client:  GMS
  Est. Start:  Aug. 2015
  Est. Completion:  Open

Telegraph Rd Stage 2
  Client:  Georgiou
  Est. Start: Oct 2017
  Est. Completion: Feb 2018

Wolston Creek Bridge
  Client:  QBC
  Est. Start:  Dec 2017
  Est. Completion: Dec 2017

164 Government Rd
  Client:  RAW Corp
  Est. Start: Oct 2017
  Est. Completion: Dec 2017

Amberley Base
  Client:  BMD
  Est. Start: Oct 2017
  Est. Completion: Dec 2017

TSS Gold Coast - Junior
  Client:  Alder
  Est. Start: Nov 2017
  Est. Completion: Jan 2018

J245 NSW
  Client:  Delaney Civil
  Est. Start: Jan 2018
  Est. Completion: Feb 2018

Inner City Bypass
  Client:  BMD
  Est. Start: Nov 2017
  Est. Completion: Dec 2017

Spring Mountain Boulevard
  Client:  BMD
  Est. Start: Dec 2017
  Est. Completion: Jan 2018

TGPS current projects also include many other projects under the $100,000 contract value.

With Top Gun Project Services you can be assured of the best outcomes, productivity and cost minimization.


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